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About us

Welcome to DeMa Tools GmbH, your reliable Partner for Tool Production. We are a Company with long-time experience, knowledge and cutting edge ideas about the production of high-quality Wire- and Tube Drawing Dies and further precision components in regard to production purposes.

  • Wire Drawing Dies
    According to your demand, we are producing Wire Drawing Dies for different applications and with different blanks:
  • PCD-Wire Drawing Die
    This is the Allrounder. The ideal choice for long production times compared to ND, mono and carbide. We produce high-precision PCD drawing dies with various grain sizes up to a diameter range of Ø 30.00 mm.
  • Natural Diamond Dies
    DeMa Tools offers a large selection of natural diamonds for wire and rod drawing. Through strict and precise selection, the natural diamonds are processed in their hardest 111 orientation to guarantee the greatest possible wear resistance.
  • Monodie-Drawing Dies
    Monocrystalline diamonds are an alternative to ND to guarantee even tool wear.
  • Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies
    The cost-effective alternative to diamond inserts when large quantities are not to be drawn. Available diameters: 0.50 – 120 mm.
  • Shaped Drawing Dies with PCD or TC Nib
    Available shapes: square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, etc. The core insert can be made of carbide or PCD. Talk to us about your request.
  • Nozzles and Extrusion Tools
    For Coating or Extrusion Processing.
  • Repolishing or Recutting Service
    Would you like to have your drawing dies reworked or repaired? Then we are the right partner for you! Contact us.
  • Precision
    Precision is our trademark. Every tool we make is carefully planned and manufactured down to the smallest detail to meet the highest standards.
  • Quality
    Quality is our top priority. We use only high quality materials and the most modern manufacturing technologies to ensure that our products meet the most demanding requirements.
  • customer satisfaction
    Our customers are our priority. We work closely with you to develop tailored solutions that perfectly meet your needs.
  • Innovation
    We are always looking for new technologies and approaches to improve our manufacturing methods and develop innovative solutions for our customers.
  • 2010
    Founding of the Schumacher drawing die polishing company
  • 2016
    Purchase of the first semi-automatic laser
  • 2018
    Purchase of a fully automatic laser with a magazine of up to 120 dies. Completely profiled laser cutting, a few µm before the final dimension, is now possible. Unique in Europe!
  • 2019
    Start of own Drawing Die Mounting.
  • 2021
    Move to new production hall
  • 2023
    Purchase of the most modern full profile measuring device for drawing dies
  • 2023
    Merger to form DeMa Tools GmbH


Wire Drawing Dies

Our Core Competency.

Regardless of whether PCD, natural diamond or carbide, drawing dies from DeMa Tools GmbH guarantee you the best performance.


Repolishing / Recutting

Do you have worn drawing dies? DeMa Tools offers a high-quality repair and maintenance service in Germany. Benefit from short distances and fast service.



Cutting-Edge Knowhow, High-tech materials and the latest manufacturing technologies set us apart. We are up to date and happy to advise you. Contact us.

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Further Services

Special Tools

We also offer Shaped Dies, stranding or compacting dies and also nozzle tools. Or do you have a request for a special tool? Contact us!

Measuring System

Do you need a measuring device to measure your drawing dies? We also offer you tailor-made solutions for this.

Drawing Die Accessories

WWe can equip you with everything related to drawing die processing. Diamond suspensions, diamond powder, Semi-Finished Dies, consultations and individual training are part of our services.

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DeMa Tools GmbH

Am Mühlweg 3

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Email: info@dema-tools.de

Tel.: +49 (0)2772 / 469 89 60

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